Global irreplaceability

Overall 0.09 1763.0
Threatened species 0.02 1424.0
Amphibians 0.03 1423.0
Threatened amphibians 0 94182.5
Birds 0.05 1157.0
Threatened birds 0.02 481.0
Mammals 0.02 1950.0
Threatened mammals 0 1750.0


Bird species for which Setté Cama Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Convention) is of global importance

Scientific Name Common Name Family Order IUCN Red List Direction of Population Trend Distribution Size (km²) Percentage Overlap Rank/ Number
Ploceus subpersonatus Loango Weaver PLOCEIDAE PASSERIFORMES VU decreasing 22554 7.1 2/12

Detailed factsheets for all bird species are available from BirdLife International

Vertex foot

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