Egon-Iliwuli Nature Reserve

Egon-Iliwuli, Indonesia

Global irreplaceability

Overall 0.12 1563.0
Threatened species 0.07 877.0
Amphibians 0.01 2693.0
Threatened amphibians 0 14811.5
Birds 0.1 697.0
Threatened birds 0.07 253.0
Mammals 0.01 2459.0
Threatened mammals 0 1831.0


Bird species for which Egon-Iliwuli Nature Reserve is of global importance

Scientific Name Common Name Family Order IUCN Red List Direction of Population Trend Distribution Size (km²) Percentage Overlap Rank/ Number
Loriculus flosculus Flores Hanging-parrot PSITTACIDAE PSITTACIFORMES EN decreasing 1398 16.2 1/2

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